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Clark has always felt like the Odd Bird in his conservative, ranch family. He's heading home for a visit, for what he fears may be the last time. He's determined to tell his mom the truth: Clark is gay. He fears the worst, especially when his older brother Gunner greets him with, "You better not break Mom's heart!"

It's a story of love–of ourselves and those we call family. Shot on the beautiful Central Coast of California, it's a story you'll want to share.

The dedication in Odd Bird reads as follows: "This film is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt like an 'odd bird.' We love you, want you and need you in this messy chorus called humanity. Raise your voice, spread your wings and soar!"

Can you help us bring this pro-love and inclusion film to audiences?

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Michael Varde
Betsy Moore
Jacob Peacock
Brenna Murray.jpg
With the voice talents of…
Brennan Murray
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